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I am a New Yorker who holds that title close to her heart, and not just because our bagels are to die for. Growing up so close to the greatest city in the world (ignore my bias) played a huge part in creating who I am. The culture of the city consistently peaked my unending curiosity. I was intrigued by the myriad of things the places and its people in it had to offer and teach me. That was just the beginning. There is a whole world of lessons.

My interest for photography stemmed from this curiosity of others, but as my craft developed I realized my love for photography came from my insecurities. I never saw myself, my body type specifically, represented in the main stream media, which convinced I would never make it in the fashion industry. Through photography, I learned I had the power to change that. I had the ability to empower people with my work, and that means the world to me.



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